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2 recorders played together - 1312

This painting by Simone Martini (1312), shows a musician playing two recorders together, giving a possibility of simultaneously playing a tune and a drone or simple accompaniment. The tune and accompaniment can even be passed from one pipe to the other. Joining the two together makes them easier to play since they form a single rigid instrument.

double recorder, XVth century painting
double recorder
(XVth century painting, Castile)

You can listen to
this instrument here

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von der Vogelweide (13th century)
Under der Linden

double recorder

Soprano (descant) double recorder in c.
  • Each pipe has 5 holes, (including the thumb) giving a total chromatic range of over an octave, with notes from c to a on the right hand (low) pipe, and from f to d on the left hand (high) pipe, as well as some extra high notes from f2 to a2.

  • Pitch: 440, 460, 466 or 523 Hz.

An alto in g will follow.                                           Download a fingering chart

double recorder
a sculpture in the Palais Jacques Coeur, in Bourges

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