A recorder equipped with this system opens a wide range of possibilities for recorder players to whom it offers the possibility of amplifying their instrument without having to remain motionless in front of a fixed microphone. The built-in mic gives very high quality sound while granting the musician complete freedom of movement. There is very little risk of feedback because it is concealed inside the instrument and for this reason it is insensitive to sounds from outside.

The first possiblity is simply amplification. The recorder can be directly pluggted into a mixer, any p.a. system of just an ordinary guitar amplifier.

But that is not all. The system opens new musical possibilities. When the recorder is connected to an effects unit, the player can enrich and/or alter the sound of his intrument using all the possibilities given by the processor. This includes reverbs of varying duration, simple or multiple delays and echoes, equalisers, transposers, flangers & chorus effects (multiple sounds), distortion/overdrive as on electric guitars, etc. Pedals can be used for switching the effects, modifying them in real time or varying the volume. Many processors enable programming personnal effects.

The recorder can also be used without its microphone, with no loss of sound quality, as shown below.

The system can be used on all sizes of recorders, and can enhance the larger instruments (tenors and basses) by increasing their volume

Several contemporary composers have writeen pieces for recorders equiped in thi way.


You can listen to two electro-acoustic recorders played together here:  

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Etienne Rolin : Cantus Firmus (extrait)
played by Philippe Renard & Etienne Rolin


Click here to listen to some short examples of different electro-acoustic recorder effects

The electro-acoustic system is composed of:
 >A high quality electret microphone that screws into the head of the recorder and picks up the sound of the vibrating air column inside.
Its brass housing protects it from the humidity in the bore.
   the electro-acoustic recorder microphone
 A preamplifier (that can be hooked onto a belt or carried in a pocket) which feeds the microphone and enables adjustment of tone and volume.
This can be connected to any amplifier, mixer, or effects unit via a normal jack cable or even a wireless transmitter.
   the electro-acoustic recorder's pre-amplifier
a soprano electro-acoustic recorder equiped with its microphone a soprano recorder with its microphone
the system connected via a wireless transmitter the system connected to a wireless transmitter for complete freedom of movement (no cable required)

 A special plug replaces the microphone when no amplification is needed. The instrument then becomes a completely normal recorder with no loss in sound quality.

the plug that replaces the microphone      the same soprano recorder with the plug in position instead of the microphone